Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whoa, two posts in one day... I'm getting dizzy.

Almost forgot, other stuff that's been knitted recently (recently being relative, within the last six months)!

Finally got the pix uploaded for these. For the last year, I've been part of the Rockin' Sock Club... They send you yarn and a pattern or two every other month. I got through the first three pair, and then the spinning bug hit and the knitting got put to the side for a while... So here's the Lucky Charms socks and the Cleopatra socks!

I love how the lucky charms pattern takes the pattern itself and translates it up into the ribbing!

And there's right and left toes to this pattern too!

The heel is also extremely thick, making these very cushy walking socks.

And then the Cleopatra socks do have a nice translation from pattern to ribbing...

Yeah, this has been a year for socks!

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