Monday, January 26, 2009

Things that frustrate you...

Getting partway through a set of fingerless gloves and realizing you have the cable stitching all wrong... In alpaca. Fuzzy, soft, alpaca.

Okay, next time I actually pay attention instead of doing two things at once.

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's here!!!

So, my entry for the February spinning challenge (Mardi Gras) and possibly part of the entry for the March spinning challenge (Romance) have showed up!

The purple one is more purple than it looks in the picture... The picture makes it look almost blue. Actually, all of the colors look somewhat more saturated than they actually are. They're all two oz samples of hand-dyed Merino from Windrose on etsy.

The rose, I may use in the March one, but I'm not sure. I'm also contemplating using "Garnet", the color of silk/merino/alpaca that I got from Alpaca Direct last month, since my love ring on my left hand has a heart shaped garnet in it.

Can't wait until the new month starts! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the inauguration is over...

... so spinning has resumed. :)

That is more of the Bahama Blues.

And a finished skein of "Duel at High Noon":

There's still more "Duel at High Noon" on the spindle right now, and of course, I've let myself in for stuff yet again. :)

Today, I did a meme on my regular blog. That "the first five people to respond to my post get something handmade from me" meme. So I now have five more things to make this year sometimes. Six if you include one who responded after the deadline. :) However, I was halfway through making her something anyways, but I can't show it here, she might see it. :)

Almost forgot! I picked up some stuff for both February (Mardi Gras) and March (romance) themes in the spin-off!

Admittedly, the fourth color is not in this picture, but it's a similar shade of green to the bag on the side. I decided to use two-oz samples of merino in purple, yellow, and green, and another sample of rose for the second one! So I should wind up with a good amount of three-ply mardi-gras colored merino for February's, and the pink/rose one should be perfect for March! :)

And at 2 oz each, I won't be tempted to just keep going, and going, and going...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a few days later...

Okay, the time to do much and/or post really hasn't been here this weekend. So this post will be somewhat short.

Bahama Blues is coming along nicely, but I've also got more "Dual at High Noon":

And of course, the "Bahama Blues", both a few days before, and a few minutes ago:

So the blues is actually coming along moreso than "dual at high noon", and I think I figured out why. The color shifts make me more interested in the yarn, therefore, I get more done! Doing a plain yarn makes me bored halfway through. Doing something with color shifts makes me look forward to the next shift!

Hm. Still need to figure out what I'm going to do for February: Mardi Gras. Hm. I have a garnet colored one, and a blue colored one... Garnet sounds more appropriate, but I wish I had purple and green and yellow.

Hm... No. Must keep myself from purchasing more fiber. Maybe I can color some of the white I've got?

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have my new spindle! Looks just like my old spindle!

So, this past weekend I went down to Atlantian 12th Night and retrieved my new spindle! It looks just like the old one, only not broken! :)

It's the one in the middle. :)

So I'm currently using it to work on more Bahama Blues, but I don't yet have a picture of that.

I need to go through the three large bags of fleece in the rabbit room and figure out just how much of what kinds of fleece I've got in there. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Duel at High Noon

So, the sandy deserts of the west are conducive to having pistol shootouts, so my entry for this month's spinning contest is in a sandy color, overspun so that the yarn is "fighting" itself:

It's not spectacular, but it's something. And it's something I will be working on for some time, since I haven't spun half of the 8 oz bag, and the other 8 oz bag is still waiting...

I've got some other rovings that are waiting in the wings (no pictures yet): A garnet-multi-colored mohair/silk blend, and a plain cream colored superwash merino, and of course, I still have tons of both the "bahama blues" merino and the "just before the dawn" alpaca/silk blend...

Then there's the 45 pounds of i-don't-remember-what's-in-the-bags-anymore (I know there's wool and alpaca in interesting natural colors), and what's left of the corriedale from a few years ago, and the princess blue silk/merino blend, and the rabbit and my own hair I didn't finish last month...

Yes, I'm on a spinning kick. Coulja tell? Need to finish a baby blanket in the meantime tho.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First (non) creative post of the year!

Okay, I got nothin'. ;)

Actually, in all seriousness, I've got a new pattern I'm working on that I can't show here unless I want to screw with the possibility of getting it posted elsewhere. :)

I also have 338 yards of undyed two-ply new zealand wool I'm currently working on making more of (started the new batch on New Year's, actually, first new spinning of the year!), but haven't taken pix of yet. It's also not all that exciting looking, since it's undyed. Okay, I'm being a boring fuddy. :) Plus, I really would like to get back to that bunny fuzz, but haven't had the time at all, and Christmas wore me out! :)

So, just wanted to say Happy New Year!