Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the inauguration is over...

... so spinning has resumed. :)

That is more of the Bahama Blues.

And a finished skein of "Duel at High Noon":

There's still more "Duel at High Noon" on the spindle right now, and of course, I've let myself in for stuff yet again. :)

Today, I did a meme on my regular blog. That "the first five people to respond to my post get something handmade from me" meme. So I now have five more things to make this year sometimes. Six if you include one who responded after the deadline. :) However, I was halfway through making her something anyways, but I can't show it here, she might see it. :)

Almost forgot! I picked up some stuff for both February (Mardi Gras) and March (romance) themes in the spin-off!

Admittedly, the fourth color is not in this picture, but it's a similar shade of green to the bag on the side. I decided to use two-oz samples of merino in purple, yellow, and green, and another sample of rose for the second one! So I should wind up with a good amount of three-ply mardi-gras colored merino for February's, and the pink/rose one should be perfect for March! :)

And at 2 oz each, I won't be tempted to just keep going, and going, and going...

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