Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a few days later...

Okay, the time to do much and/or post really hasn't been here this weekend. So this post will be somewhat short.

Bahama Blues is coming along nicely, but I've also got more "Dual at High Noon":

And of course, the "Bahama Blues", both a few days before, and a few minutes ago:

So the blues is actually coming along moreso than "dual at high noon", and I think I figured out why. The color shifts make me more interested in the yarn, therefore, I get more done! Doing a plain yarn makes me bored halfway through. Doing something with color shifts makes me look forward to the next shift!

Hm. Still need to figure out what I'm going to do for February: Mardi Gras. Hm. I have a garnet colored one, and a blue colored one... Garnet sounds more appropriate, but I wish I had purple and green and yellow.

Hm... No. Must keep myself from purchasing more fiber. Maybe I can color some of the white I've got?

Any suggestions?


Lori said...

Kool Aid dye some of the white you've got. *grin*

textilegeek said...

I was actually thinking about that... But I want to see how much I get, first! I'm not even halfway through one 8oz bag, and I've got another to go!