Thursday, February 5, 2009

Almost Mardi Gras!

Okay, the purple's done, and now all that remains is the plying!

A few months back, someone taught me the secret of the multiple-ply ball to ply from, so you wouldn't get all the tangles while spinning... It's definitely interesting when you have threads of two different types (one a very non-flexible lame, while the others are all a stretchy merino)... But I'm at the plying stage now!

That's all four separate colors, the first three having been spun by me, the fourth being the lame that I want to add into them for a little sparkle!

That's the first four-ply ball. If you see it in the right light, the sparkle just makes it shine, literally! Partway through I ran out of gold, but since I had some silver hanging around, I used that to make up the difference. So I'll have two different sparkles, but since it's mardi gras, all the better!

The green ran out before the yellow and purple and silver did, so I decided to make a shorter ball of just the yellow, purple, and silver.

Maybe I'll get enough to make a cell phone icord for my brother, the ECU pirates are yellow and purple after all. :)

Once I figure out how much yardage I get from the four-ply, I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to make from it! :)

More pix tomorrow!

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