Sunday, March 22, 2009

I want to cry...

So Tidy Cats apparently changed their litterbox formula recently. Our cat has never used anything but Tidy Cats, she is very particular about things, so we've tried to keep her happy that way.

This morning, the husband changed the litterbox.

This afternoon, I found my purse (one of the only purses I have ever spent *real* money on, I usually only get the inexpensive $20 purses, this one cost me 10 times that), and even worse, my project bags, covered in cat pee. VERY fresh cat pee, too! I suppose I was lucky I found it so fast, so things didn't have *that* much time to set.

The purse is currently soaked in Nature's Miracle.

The four skeins of yarn she got (three Bahama Blues and this month's Romance skein) just got out of a bath of vinegar. They're currently hanging in the tub. Tomorrow I'll rinse them again and soak them in hair conditioner, maybe the odor will be completely gone. The Romance skein bled a bit, the Bahama Blues ones seem to be holding out with only a little bit of color bleed.

The project bags are fortunately machine washable, and went into the laundry with vinegar and detergent within minutes.

She nailed half the receipts from the stuff I picked up at Handspun Yarn Party this last weekend. Fortunately I'd already put the fiber away in plastic tubs.

I got lucky that she missed the box that had what's left of the Bahama Blues fiber (only an ounce or two left of a pound and a half bag). But why did she have to get that prize-winning skein, dangit?

I swear, I was ready to make new gut strings for my violin this afternoon... She's lucky my husband got to her first (and he threw her into a timeout in a crate with nothing but litter for an hour, then locked her in a room with her litterbox, food, and water, and nothing else. She's still there, and will remain there until tomorrow. She knew she'd done something wrong, she was hiding from me, and presumed that daddy was going to be nicer to her than I was. She's right, but I don't think she expected him to punish her!).

Why did she have to nail the bag with the Bahama Blues, dangit? Out of four skeins of the stuff I have, she nailed three of them. *sigh* Months worth of work. Plus she took out this month's spinning challenge, too.

Hopefully I can get both the cat pee and the vinegar smell out for the long run.

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Kathy in S.B. said...

Arrgh, I am So Sorry this happened to you! I hope all the smells get out and you can return to fiber happiness soon. Naughty, naughty cat :o(.