Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, I'm feeling somewhat better than I was yesterday.

I ran around with a blacklight last night, and didn't see any fluorescent spots around the carpet, the purse, or the yarn (having soaked the carpet and purse with enzymatic cleaner and soaked the yarn in vinegar, not knowing what enzymatic cleaner would do to the colors).

I then took all of the yarn and soaked it in the bathtub with a lot of hair conditioner, to get the vinegar smell out.

So far, seems to be working. :)

The cat can live... for now. ;) She had the most contrite look on her face yesterday... She didn't look anyone in the eye and just kept looking at the floor, like she knew she'd done something bad... Whether or not she was sorry, I don't know. *smirk*

So the cat is alive, and I have several skeins hanging all over my shower...

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