Monday, April 20, 2009

Done, and yet not

So over the weekend, I finished the baby merino! I've got a small skein of quad-ply fingering weight yarn at this point.

Only problem? It's only 42 yards by my estimate.

Most baby booties require between 30-50 yards of worsted. Most baby socks require between 25-50 yards of dk weight. This could be a bit problematic.

But let me show you what I've got! :)

In just a few days I went from this:

To this:

So 40 yards of a light fingering weight quad cable-ply. It literally sits in the palm of my hand, I'll have to take a picture next to a coin for scale.

So what to do in order to stretch things out? I'm thinking I picked up some Romney lambswool from Woolbunny that may well fit the bill:

So this past weekend I spent a lot of time with a wonderful lady, giving her tips with plying on her wheel (this is her first time plying, she just started spinning on it this month. Prior to now she's had the wheel, but because of some issues with her scotch tensioning, hadn't used it. My wheel isn't scotch tension, so I'd no idea how to help her fix that. Once she'd gotten it fixed, she's had no problems, she's a natural!), while I finished plying my baby merino. Nice to just have a spin-in every once in a while! :)

While we were at it, the both of us combined raised almost $3000 for the National MS Society! YAY!!! :)

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