Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aha! We have *some* pictures! :)

Okay, we don't have all of my pictures from the vacation, but at least some have been put up... So here, we have the latest spinning, finished:

It's the one on the right, 49 yards of english rose handspun merino... 8 ply. Yes, 8 ply. It's about 32 WPI. Yes, I outdid myself there. The blue next to it is 41 yards of 4 ply robin's egg blue merino, and it's about 36wpi...

A better example of how fine these came out might show if I put them next to a dime. Here:

And a quarter:

Yes, it's that small. 8 ply! :) I almost wish I'd saved it up for competition purposes... Now I'll have to do that again, but I can live with that. I'll spin something that thin up with romney or something and enter it into the spinning competition next year. :)

I've finished one bootie, but I don't currently have the pix available. The second bootie has been started, but isn't very far yet.

When we get to the pix, there's also pictures of the needlepoint scissor case, the camel down I'm spinning, and the booties themselves (but NOT the baby blanket, I can't show that one yet)... But the problem with taking over 11,000 pix while on vacation is having to screen it down to the good ones when you've finished... :)

EDIT: One needlepoint case, before completion:

It's done now... Now I just need to put in the scissors!

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