Saturday, May 2, 2009

*giggling madly*

Okay, the pictures will have to come later, since I *just* got home from MDSW, with lots of goodies and lots of good information, and hung out half the day with a couple of friends while running into a number of others (Lori, after you left, Katie got a firsthand example of that phenomenon of me running into everyone... I swear we ran into at least ten or fifteen people I knew)...

But the best part of the day came rather early. :)

Okay, it's no secret I adore Spanish Peacock spindles. My "frankenspindle" is a Spanish Peacock, and my first "real" spindle (as opposed to those little stupid kit spindles that aren't worth diddly and fall apart when you look at them funny) was also a Spanish Peacock (and coincidentally happens to be the spindle I'm spinning on right now, that pink stuff).

Well, Miguel has been thinking up some new and evil creations lately... And apparently after one of the most recent, his wife said "Cyd's going to kill you, now she'll have to buy another one that can't be crushed by klutzy roommates."

He's named it the "El Cid." :)

I'll have to show you pictures later... But it spins like an absolute dream... He owes me commissions, 'cause I sent at least ten people in his direction today... ;) The best one was when we were at the Spin-In tonight, and several people saw the new El Cid and were absolutely enraptured by it... WHEE! :)

Okay, so after I get pictures, I'll post not only those, but all of the other fiber goodies that my husband's going to kill me for... ;)

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