Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bollywood and Camels...

So this month's spinning challenge was "bollywood"... Well, a few months back, I won two samples of baby camel from Woolbunny, so what better time to work on them than for Bollywood, right? :)

Like anything around 50 yards lately (it came out to 51 yards, with about five yards being single color and the rest being two color), it's becoming booties. I'll post pix of those later, I've only got the cuff of one so far. :)

And lemme tell ya, camel is a dream to knit with.. so soft!

The robin's egg blue booties are done, and they and the english rose booties are currently drying in the bathroom... They're washed and are now drying their way to reasonable shape... :)

I can't wait to finish these though... Different pattern! I'm doing a honeycomb pattern on the camel socks/booties!

1 comment:

SnowCat said...

If your yardage is so tight why aren't you starting from the toe up on the booties to maximize your use?