Monday, June 8, 2009

Booties and more booties!

The English Rose and Robin's Egg Booties are ready to go!

OMG they're so tiny! They aren't "properly" blocked, I finger stretched them, since they really don't make sock blockers that small (I need to make a pair), but they are the perfect size for little tiny newborn feet!

And that camel I finished yesterday is already becoming a set of booties as we speak:

They're SOOOO soft! I didn't think camel would be this soft, but it's incredible! I just hope they hold up to baby usage!


Lori said...

I just hope the mom USES them!

textilegeek said...

Yeah, so do I. Believe me, so do I. However, I think I'm sending them to her with a note saying if she doesn't want to use them, send them back. I mean, eventually *we* may use them, know?