Monday, June 1, 2009

Done with booties, but still not picture-worthy yet...

The first pair of booties are done! The english rose booties were finished yesterday, after some tweaking... Had to make them both a touch shorter, since I ran out of yarn just before the toe of the second one... So I was literally knitting from the toe of one sock to the other sock! Wish I'd thought to take pix of them, but alas, sometimes I'm a little short on brainpower...

So I now have a pair of english rose booties, and now I'm trying for a slightly smaller pair (shorter cuff, smaller needles) in the robin's egg blue. Hopefully I can squeeze a pair out of the yarn I've got! Also hopefully I don't have to deal with the toe issue again... ;)

At this point I'm going royally ADD on projects... I've got a mostly-spun sample of camel hair, a semi-spun bit of tussah silk, a baby blanket that's mostly done but I keep getting frustrated with because it's circular and the further out you are, the longer a row takes, I just finished the rose booties, and I've now got the blue booties on needles. Oh, and I've got a bit of spinning I haven't worked on in a month that's partially done, it's superwash wool with angelina and firestar worked into it.

My brother's daughter is making me go into mass production mode. ;)

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