Thursday, April 16, 2009

No pictures today...

... maybe tomorrow.

I've got a *lot* more done of the blue organic baby merino... I'm actually spinning it *way* thin, so I can try to do a four ply. I'm not sure if I can get it to give me enough length with a 4 ply, but I'm going to try. My brother's gone totally organic on me with his new baby coming in July, so I'm going to see about making a set of organic booties for the kid. The baby's a she, and the rolags are blue, but I've never been one for saying boys wear blue and girls wear pink. I know this girl is going to have dark hair and dark eyes and relatively fair skin (with my brother and his wife, there's almost no chance of anything else), but the blue isn't your traditional pale baby blue, more of a robin's egg blue.

Something I think I finally discovered was the difference between spinning woolen and worsted. Up until now I've been spinning roving, and getting a worsted yarn. I'm spinning rolags now, and because of the directional change in the fiber, I can see the difference, I can see where one would get a much fluffier yarn. Because I'm spinning it so thin, it probably won't matter, but I can now see where the difference is.

I'm also still working on the Celtic Mystery batts, but likely will be doing that for a while. I'm spinning those superthin too, because I want to get a four ply out of it. We shall see! At least with the Celtic Mystery batts I have four ounces, which means I should get a reasonable set of socks from them. Very smooth fiber even though it's wool, and a superwash. It feels luscious to work with, very lightweight.

One of these days I'll get back to knitting... I've got a bag in my purse that's carried the beginnings of a set of alpaca fetchings for the last three months. They haven't gotten past the first row. ;)

I'll have pictures of what I've got soon. Thing about spinning is that progress doesn't show quite as easily as it does for knitting, so you don't look like you've accomplished anything when you're working with lace and cobwebweight. It's ironic, because I'm getting FAR more yardage than I did out of the Celebrate yarn (that was a week's worth of work for only 15 yards), yet it looks like a lot less!

Must start my planning for MDSW... I'm still not sure which day I'm going, or if I'm going to enter a yarn in competition!

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Lori said...

I'm currently planning on being there on Saturday--and hitting the auction. Might be able to be talked into going both days...