Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think we may have hit it...

I'm thinking that based on how much is on the spindle right now, I might actually have enough yardage for booties out of the english rose when I'm done with it:

I think "frog hair" is an understatement for this one... But it'll be quad ply, so the significant yardage will be great for booties, even on tiny needles.

Socks, maybe? Although this one's not superwash, so it might be an issue...

We shall see!

This weekend: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! I've decided I am not entering in the competitions, I'd've had to mail them out by today to get there by Friday, and I'm just too tired right now to deal with that. Next year, maybe. Plus next year, I'll be a little more prepared for it. :)

May day coming up! :)

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