Friday, April 3, 2009

Ply, the second. Plus the final wash n whack of Bahama Blues!

So with being somewhat sick, I've not been getting off the couch much once I get home from work. Plus, my coworkers are getting used to watching me spin during phone calls, so that's a plus, I get more done. ;)

So last night I finished with the first ply of Plume, and started in on the second:

I *severely* over-energized the first ply, because I want this to work out well for the second ply:

The ball is actually trying to twist in on itself, it's kind of amusing. :)

Because I over-energized the first ply, the second is actually turning into a nicely balanced yarn!

I'd already gotten a lot done before I went to bed, even!

However, one other thing was that I finally got all of the Bahama Blues washed, whacked, and de-cattified (she's been somewhat forgiven. The husband's the one who punished her, but she knows whose stuff she got, and she's been avoiding me all week).

Woot! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to knit! :)

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