Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bahama Blues returns!

So, after a week of Garnet, the Bahama Blues comes back with a vengance! :)

That's the finally washed and whacked version of the previous skein... And here's the latest on there:

I've decided I really do love working with a wrist distaff... Makes life somewhat easier. Mind you in this case, I'm stretching out batts in such a way that it winds up becoming roving... But having it wound around the wrist makes life a whole lot easier!

Also, am truly discovering that fiber and prepwork is everything. In the last few days I've also gone back to working on a very lightweight tussah silk (not shown), and it's a joy to work with in roving form... But I need to learn to keep it in one long roving, because the shorter lengths wind up getting flyaway frizzies and don't spin nearly as well.

Next month, the spinning challenge is "Celebrate!" I've already picked up a little bit of fluff from ButterflyGirlDesigns on etsy, plus a new spindle (shhhhh, I didn't say that).

But May is "Irony". It's somewhat ironic that I cannot figure out what would best be an ironic yarn... ;)

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