Thursday, March 5, 2009

So the singles are done for "Garnet"!

This set of yarn is going to turn out so much puffier than most of the ones I work with! I changed a bit of how I was grasping the roving, I grabbed it up close to the "neck" rather than further down like I normally would, and got a much puffier single!

I'm definitely getting the hang of the puffy yarn thing... And learning that there *is* a such thing as an overspun single. Most of the stuff that I've worked with in the past has been so thin that the overspinning wasn't really noticeable, and this stuff is thick enough where I really do notice it... But the thicker it is, the more often I have to twirl it, because the spin builds up fast!

I was hoping it'd be a bit more reddish (it's a purple/red combo), but it's getting such a lovely dark amethyst, I think I'll keep it. ;)

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