Monday, March 30, 2009

Things that make you freak out...

So today, I was sick.

I am not sick very often. I mean, I get sinus infections on a regular basis, but I am not *sick*. *Sick* is when I actually take off from work. Well, today was one of those days when I was so miserably sick I couldn't sleep most of the night, finally wrote in to work to say I wasn't coming in some time around 5am (which since they all know I don't come in until 10, either means I was up all night or something severely disturbed me to get me up at that hour).

I was so sick I didn't even spin until some time around noon. I kept dozing in and out.

So I head to the doctor's office in the afternoon... And I am proud to say I am a good judge of character, 'cause I've liked this woman from day one. Well, she saw me spinning, told me how she knits (and is knitting a baby blanket for her niece right now), and she admired the spinning I was doing to the point where she wants me to bring back the finished socks and show her when they're done. :)

So from there I head to the pharmacy, as I appear to have a rather nasty sinus infection, and it requires medical intervention. I am at the pharmacy waiting on line, and one of the girls at the counter comments on how I'm spinning, and asks me if I've ever been to Capital Yarns (she likes it but thinks it's too expensive. I agree). I point her at three different places online to go to (etsy, ravelry, and I forget the third right now, I have no brain left), and I go to wait for my prescriptions, walking around the store while I do so. While I'm shopping, I'm not spinning, as I cannot push cart and spin at the same time, try though I might (I've tried before. Results in some very uneven spinning).

When I get back to the pharmacy counter, I go to pull out my credit card, and notice that while my wool is still in my purse, my spindle is no longer there. FREAK OUT!!!

I've actually had a child pull my spindle out of my purse before (autistic child, her mother stopped her before she could get it all the way out), so the first thing that went through my mind is that some child has it. I'm running around the three places I'd been in the store, plus going out to my car through one of the exits and checking there, still can't find it, the pharmacy girl hasn't seen it, the customer service counter hasn't seen it, and I at this point am *very* upset. $40 spindle plus four or five days worth of spinning on my spindle, so damned straight I'm upset!

Took me 20 minutes to find it, and I found it when I went out the *other* door to go back to my car. Took me giving up to find it, go fig.

To give you perspective how much I'd done, I'll show you a picture from last night:

I'd done almost double that waiting for the doctor. So yes, by now there was a very upset me, knowing I'd just lost about $50 worth of supplies plus days worth of work.

All of the stress does nothing for me, by the time I get home I'm exhausted again. Well, at least I got some Bahama Blues stretched up on the niddy noddy (I washed it all the other day and couldn't get it all stretched out up there, the niddy noddy kept falling apart. This is what I get when I use PVC. :)

So as of tomorrow, I will have 770 yards of skeined and dried Bahama Blues, and hopefully I'll be done with the Plume singles. I've got pix, but I am not in any shape to go upload them right now, so tomorrow will have to do.

At least I found my spindle, though. *whew*

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