Monday, March 16, 2009

More Bahama Blues, but a hint of next month, plus a visit for fiber!

Oooh, so there's so much to tell!

First, we have a little more Bahama Blues...

But I also picked up something called "Cirque du Fiber!" from ButterflyGirlDesigns for next month's spinning challenge! The challenge is called "Celebrate!" and this batt is definitely in celebratory mode! It's a combination of black merino, sari silk fiber, and a little bit of firestar thrown in! It's beautiful!

Wow, that's going to be something! :)

As you can see here, I've also got a new ButterflyGirlDesigns spindle to add to the mix:


But the best part was this weekend... I went up to the Homespun Yarn Party at Savage Mill in Maryland, and Lori and Liz and I were enabling the crap out of each other! I don't have pix yet so please bear with me, I'll show them when I get them uploaded (although this means letting the husband know what fiber I bought, dammit)...

Among the stash:
An interesting batt for the May "Irony" spinning challenge that is made up of a multitude of fibers including some merino, angelina, and other bits.
15.8 ounces of superwash merino fiber in natural white, that I'm probably going to sink my first dyeing teeth into!
A rope of superwash merino fiber called "Plumey" that is purples with some chartreuse thrown in there for good measure.
Two small batts of "Celtic Mystery" superwash merino with glitz, specifically because I intend to finally spin for socks.
A cut resin spindle.
Some mini samples of carbonized bamboo, soysilk, and alpaca.
A sheepnose pin and project bag from the Homespun Yarn Party table.

I think I'm shopped out for quite some time to come... Especially with all of that superwash to dye! I have some jaquard dyes in my house already, although I think I'll try kool-aid (without the sugar) first...

Not all shopping was done by me though. I did at least help enable some more shopping for Liz and Lori. :)

Somewhere in here I have to get a baby blanket knitted before I start something else new, though. Someone's baby is almost here and I'm not done!

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Kathy in S.B. said...

Oh, my, that is lovely stuff! I have something a bit similar in my stash, black merino with multicolored firestar, that I just couldn't resist. I'm not going to go look at where you got that, I'm NOT going to go look...O.K., I'm gonna look :o) . I'm very eager to see how yours spins up!