Friday, March 20, 2009

Purchases from the Homespun Yarn Party, and the home stretch for Bahama Blues is visible!

So I'll start out with the latest of the Bahama Blues... And what will be the *last* of the Bahama Blues! First, the latest singles, then the latest Navajo ply:

And the coolest shot of that:

And the Navajo ply version:

(yeah, I'm using Frankenspindle again. I can't find my normal plying spindle.)

But then, *this* is all I have left to finish spinning!!!

I think it's only 4 ounces or less, possibly even only 2 or 3, but since we can't find the scale, I'll have to estimate.

Now on to the shopping! First there's the ButterflyGirlDesigns spindle from before the Homespun Yarn Party:

It's Murano glass, and feels to weigh almost 2oz. Heavy for such a delicate looking spindle, but I'm trying to work in thicker yarns, so this could really do some good. :)

Then there's the Italian spindle from Serendipitous Ewe:

It's about an ounce, much lighter than the Murano glass one... Even though the glass one looks lighter:

However, I also purchased a little fluff explicitly for the purpose of the May spinning challenge, also known as Irony:

Okay, I went with irony colors. Maybe closer to coppery than irony, but you know what I mean. It's a random sort of fibers from Felt Forest & Gnomegarden. :)

Now the score of the day: Superwash merino so I can learn how to dye!

That's almost a whole pound! I think I'll be learning for quite some time to come... :) That pound was from the Sanguine Griffen.

Knitterly Things, on the other hand, had some beautiful pre-dyed superwash merino!

And of course, there were the Celtic Mystery superwash, angelina, and firestar batts from Wild Hare. I'm thinking a pair of socks is going to come out this set!

I am going to be busy for a while...

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